Week 08: Conclusions

This week is all about tying up loose-ends and reflecting on our journey. The final task I will ask you to do (below) is reflect on your INTE5340 hero's journey.  My notes this week are to help you gather your thoughts for this final reflection.

I ask you to think back to Canvas (status-quo) and the first time you encountered Slack +   Consider reading about a grade-less course and being challenged to grade yourselves.  Consider that time you almost dropped.  Consider INTE5340 as an interactive story - what has been it's affect and effect for you as a learner? As a teacher?  

[af·fect] (v) /əˈfekt/ : to act upon a person's mind or feelings, so as to effect a response : INFLUENCE.

[ef·fect] (v) /əˈfekt/ : a distinctive impression; the outcome or fulfillment of a cause.

Coming Full Circle

ACT01 kicked us off as it should, with a hero's journey,  breaking from the status quo.  We explored the most common story structures beginning with the Hero's Journey and intersecting with Kurt Vonnegut's description of the three ACT story.   And we explored the nuances of affect and aesthetic in storytelling, aka how stories connect with our most innate human instincts - how they make us feel and learn.  

ACT02 took us into the modern mediascape and the incredible culture machine that is the Internet. We've played with role-play, transmedia, and participatory stories, aka communal learning experiences.  We looked at the notion of natural default learning and self-reflective questions of how education systems function - and how we play them.  We unpacked the socio-cultural impact of digital life as we live and learn - alone together.  ACT02 focused largely on social-constructivist learning where we practiced that which we studied, i.e. co-creation of story and knowledge.  Teams.  

On our journey we met Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Wesch, David Foster Wallace, Henry Jenkins, and John Seely Brown - among other great scholars and storytellers.  

And you've found some sidekicks among your classmates.

Along the way we explored storyworlds such as ANTH101, World Without Oil, the Harry Potter Alliance, Alternate Reality Games, and a multitude of transmedia stories across pop culture.

One of our central themes has been a notion that storytelling is an innate human function, like eating and breathing.  It sustains us.  It is how we congregate, teach, and learn - across all of our tribes.  I truly hope INTE5340 has successfully conveyed the power of story in society, and in each of our lives.  To understand this, is to master it.  To understand it, is to be inoculated against media manipulation and to nurture your own critical media literacy.  To recognize the digital ocean of persuasion, creation, cognition, and empathy that pushes and pulls on all of us - is to be a teacher and learner of this century.  

Those who craft the best stories will be the best teachers.

I hope you have enjoyed INTE5340.  I have enjoyed my time with you, albeit rushed through a pandemic summer of 2020.  I'll disclose that your creativity sustains me - the stories you tell, the discoveries you find, and the brilliance of your insights.  I've learned from you and found inspiration too.  It's the best part of this work.   It's been a pleasure getting to know your back-story, your archetypes, your personality, your values, and your story-arc over these past 8 weeks.   Well done.


This Week's Tasks
  1. Review your teamwork. Answer this short questionnaire about yourself, your storyworld teammates, and your final product.

  2. Review another team's work. Each of you will be added to another team's Slack channel on Monday. Go and experience their storyworld, and then post a review of your experience to their team's Slack channel. Tell them what you think.
    • Complete the full story.
    • Describe the story's affect and aesthetic. Are the parts cohesive?
    • Were you able to genuinely interact / participate?
    • What are the story's strengths?
    • What would you change, add, or extend - if you could?
    • Answer these questions and any other feedback.

  3. Complete the final StoryThing by the end of the week.

  4. Lastly. Yes, do this only after all other bits are complete. Answer the following reflective questions and pitch the grade you feel you have earned.

  • Audrey Cobb
  • Josie Smith
  • Lauren Brian
  • Amanda Hawley
  • Rob Rix
  • Taylor Alcantar-Campbell
  • review Animal Society (Team Baloo) An interactive world where animals are now running society. Humans must work and compete with animals for employment.
  • Andrea Weidmann
  • Nick Bonnet
  • Rachel Busnardo
  • Selena Gurule
  • Jackie Butierres
  • review Armors of Virtue: A Hero's Quest (Team Pumbaa) A 'Jumanji' Inspired, interactive digital gameboard created utilizing Prezi.
  • Chelsea Gill
  • Tyler Schneidman
  • Brandon Stoll
  • Maggie Kuk
  • Gina Porter
  • review Thump Talk Introducing you to Lunar Station Thumper, our moon colony. (Team Thumper)
  • Namita Mehta
  • Alyssa Mills
  • Caitlin O'Connor
  • Keely Graves
  • Rodrick Schubert
  • Angelica Montoya
  • review The Crawling Dead (Team Timon) The Crawling Dead as The Animal Kingdom tries to survive in the era of RHDV-2, aka the Zombie virus. This site hosts news, social media, art, and the latest research to ensure history is not lost to the zombies.
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