Digital Storytelling & Learning | Summer 2020

Getting Started | COVID Contexts | Coming Attractions | Hard Fun

Getting Started

An Open Letter to Our Students

Please take a moment to review this letter from your Learning Design & Technology faculty, regarding the context of teaching & learning in these times.  I want to acknowledge this greater context and let you know that we are adaptable and flexible in this course and this program.  Communication is key.  

Previews of Coming Attractions

  1. I will be sharing content with you weekly on the course blog - here, starting here and now.
  2. We will actively be using Slack,, Zoom and other tools for class communication and collaboration.  We'll get people and things connected in the first week of class.
  3. My teaching tends to be improvisational. I believe in loose planning, side-tracks, and serendipity.
  4. Sundays: I'll be publishing a fresh post (like this) every Sunday.  It will be delivered to your email, here on the course website, and linked in Slack.
  5. Tuesdays:  Paul will be publishing a StoryThing challenge to Slack, every Tuesday.
  6. Thursdays:  Video office hours, demos, and discussions will be posted on Thursdays.  
  7. I subscribe to a tenet of gradeless teaching, which means we steer away from detailed rubrics, point systems, and hoops to jump through.  There will be grades, of course, but I prefer to grade - - less.  Grading gets in the way of authentic learning.   More on that:

Hard Fun with Digital Stories

Once I was alerted to the concept of “hard fun” I began listening for it and heard it over and over. It is expressed in many different ways, all of which all boil down to the conclusion that everyone likes hard challenging things to do. But they have to be the right things matched to the individual and to the culture of the times. These rapidly changing times challenge educators to find areas of work that are hard in the right way: they must connect with the kids and also with the areas of knowledge, skills and (don’t let us forget) ethic adults will need for the future world. – Seymour Papert

I ask you to think of INTE5340 like a choose-your-own-adventure course in which you define your own hard-fun.  I would say we operate somewhere around level-3 in the inquiry-based learning model (guided inquiry):

See you next week!

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About Brad Hinson

Teller of stories; drinker of coffee; father of kids; tinkerer of tools; geek. I am an SEHD Assistant Dean, an LDT Instructor, and a ThinqStudio Director @ CU Denver.
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